February 16, 2020

Just a few cities in Canada

So, you’re thinking of moving to Canada? Well here is some locational “food for thought”


Vancouver, known as the “greenest” city in Canada, is warm, health conscious and well, green; At least according to most of us Vancouverites. Its easy to fall in love with this city with beautiful mountains, forests, beaches and many national parks so close by!

Toronto, known as the metropolitan capital to Canada, is where many fast paced high rollers set up camp; With a “bumping” nightlife scene and restaurants which argue over who is the best, this city has something for everyone!

Saskatoon, just like the name sounds this wild west town has bloomed into a fun and vibrant city while still staying true to its wild west heritage.

Calgary, Alberta’s gem or “Cowtown” as the locals call it, is all about being Canada’s provider. With a province known for its farming and country hospitality, one knows that family and friends are cut from the same cloth.

Nowhere feels more Canadian than Ottawa, the capital city of our great country. Here you can find the parliament buildings, all manner of Canada, and Quebec is just a short stroll across the river.

Montreal, Bonjour! yup, French-Canadian is crème de la crème. No one does it quite like the French-Canadians! From exquisite architecture to fine french cuisine, Montreal and Quebec province in general, is a must see!

Winnipeg, brrrr this family city has it all “Cold included” with such a wonderful family vibe, you can see the amazing outdoors in the summer and experience the beautiful outdoor adventures in the winter.. if you are brave enough.

My advise, explore Canada; do the groundwork, take chances on small hole in the wall places and take notes of where you have been and places you loved. Ask people for their insight. Canada is our home, and yours too.

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