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Temporary Residence

Temporary Residence

Including work permits, study permits, electronic travel authorizations, visitor visas, visitor records, temporary resident permits and extension of such statuses from within Canada. We facilitate online applications, applications submitted by mail, and applications made at a port of entry (such as an airport or border crossing).

Frequently Asked Questions

Open work permits are generally restricted to people in very specific circumstances, such as applicants in some permanent residence streams, students who have graduated and are entitled to a post-graduation work permit, youth in the International Experience Canada stream, and spouses or common-law partners of high-skilled workers and students. There are some other categories as well, but there is no general provision allowing a worker on an employer-specific work permit to switch to an open work permit because an employer cannot or will not continue employment. If you do lose your job, your work permit will remain valid and will allow you to remain in Canada until the date it expires, but it will not allow you to work for anyone but the employer named on the document.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada takes off-campus work restrictions very seriously, and working more hours than permitted is a common reason for refusal of post-graduation work permit applications. As long as your study permit authorizes off-campus work, you may work for up to 20 hours per week while studying, and full-time only during any scheduled breaks in studies. If you arrive in Canada before your studies begin you may not work until you start studying, and if you take a break from your studies you must stop working immediately.

Sponsorship is a term we use when a permanent resident or citizen of Canada wants to bring a family member to Canada, but only certain family relationships qualify. In the context of temporary residence, if the family member is your spouse, common-law partner, or dependent child, you can apply to have them remain in Canada with you. These types of family members would be included on your application for permanent residence and would obtain the status when you do. For other family members, you may be able to assist them in an application for a visa by offering to assist with their expenses in Canada, but there is no program which would allow them to gain status based on your status as a temporary resident.